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  Posted on: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
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Family Assistance Update
April 2014

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James (Jim) Wright  (04.15.14  jg)   visited by phone with James R Wright’s wife, Gail, who said Jim
continues to battle cancer and has for at least 10 years.  Gail said Jim repeatedly Jim had to have blood
transfusions in the past but has not since February.
Malcolm (“Smokey) Windham
  ( 04.15.14 jg)   contacted Malcolm “Smokey” Windham by phone who
said he spent 53 days in various hospital as a result of the problems connected with the pacemaker before
the doctors got it performing the way it should.  Smokey said he is doing well now…..
Billy Todd  
(04.15.14  jg) Talked  with B. J. who advised he had a total shoulder replacement including ball
and socket and that he feels great and can lift more now than before he had a shoulder problem
Barbara Harlan
   (04.15.14  jg)  Barbara relates by telephone she is much improved from her brain surgery
and greatly improved from her eye surgery that was reported April 1, 2013 and is now 20/20 with glasses
Troy Driskell - (4-14-14 - Forrest) TV news this A.M reported a tornado struck in Lovelady, Tx. Knowing
this to be the home town of Troy Driskell, we called to check on him. He reported that he has a 13 acre pas-
ture rented next to where he lives. Stated that the tornado came across this pasture within 250 yards of his
home. He could see the funnel of the tornado and some of the debris from the trailers houses that were
damaged and other material in the air being dropped in his pasture. He has a big job now cleaning up his
pasture. He was very appreciative that we called and checked on him as he lives alone. Keep Troy in your
daily prayers.
J. C. Thomason - 4-12-14 - (Forrest) We received a phone call from J.C. Still living in the Wimberly area. He stated that he has some health issues that has kept him from making the Fredericksburg reunion Says he has neuropathy in his feet which precludes him from driving. Still maintains that he feels pretty good. Keep J.C. in your daily prayers. and give him a call at 512-847-9602.
Barbara Cotten - (4-7-14 Sue Gaines-RH) Sue spoke with Don, Barbara's husband, who stated that Barbara was seen by a neurologist today, who confirmed that she did have a stroke. The stroke has affected her speech and balance. Barbara is now recovering at home will be under going therapy. Please keep Barbara and Don and in your prayers.
Tommy Turner (4-4-14 rh) - Tommy was admitted yesterday to MD Anderson with pneumonia and a severe cough related to lung cancer. His doctor has told him that Cigna has turned down his last expedited appeal letter that was sent them on the March 12. The doctor talked about sending him back to the gastro department to maybe start him back on some type of standard treatment until another clinical trial could be found that he would qualify for. They may also see if he would qualify for financial assistance. Please keep Tommy in your prayers.
Barbara Cotten - 4-4-14 - (Stefanie Leonard) Information from Stefanie at the "Surviving Spouse Luncheon" on 4-3-14 that Barbara Cotten becane ill suddenly and appeared to have synptons to her having a stroke on Wednesday 4-2-14. They took her to the St. Luke"s Hospital on Hwy 249
We called the hospital this date and found that she was in Room 4 - East-7 (pho in room 832-534-6407) We talked with her husband Don who related that they are running tests on her but have not confirmed what caused her problem. Don stated that he would contact us once she has been diagnosed and the problem identified..Please keep Barbara in your daily prayers.
Bill Wehr - 4-1-14 - (Judy Wehr to Forrest) We received a phone call from Judy (wife) stating that Bill is now in room #D-965 in Methodist Hospital (phone 713-790-6731) All tubes have been removed and he is sitting in a chair. They will have him walking this afternoon sometime, and if everything goes well, they hope he will be able to go home Friday or Saturday. Judy says she thinks he can have phone calls on a limited basis, Please keep Bill and Judy in your daily prayers for going home and a complete recovery.
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