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  Posted on: Tuesday, August 8, 2017
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Family Assistance Update
August 2017

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Wiley Douglass :(8-16-17 nf) On 8-14 M.D. Beale reported that Wiley was moved to North Houston Transitional Care, Rm 149, 9814 Grant Rd and Hwy 249, area where he will receive more intensive therapy for 3-4 weeks so that he might become strong enough to function at home. Today Wiley had minor surgery to remove a cyst and will return to the rehab center Friday. Keep Jean and Wiley in your prayers.Go visit him!!  (8-14-17 md) Talked to Jean today.  Wiley’s at the new rehab place for about three or four more weeks.  She hopes they can get him strong enough to be able to function at home.  Their rehab program is a lot more intensive than where he was.  Anyone that can get by to see him would be greatly appreciated.  He has his therapy in the mornings so afternoons would probably be best.  This is on the NW corner of Hwy 249 @ Grant Road, I belive.mdb 

Jim Hudson 
:(8-16-17 nf) Visited by phone with Jim's wife Randi, and she reported that JIm came through surgery yesterday fine and doctors were pleased with outcome. JIm was resting when I called and they were giving him a unit of blood. Doctors want to monitor him for a couple of days and if all goes well, he will go back to Cornerstone on Hermann Dr. Friday where they want to start some therapy on his right leg. He is still in a high level of pain and we need to continue our prayers for pain relief and recovery. Previous phone # was wrong, correct # is 281-610-1236. Call him Thur-Friday.  :(8-9-17 nf) Tony Kivela called Jim today and found that Jim had a 5 hour surgery yesterday at Methodist hospital in order to access the compound fracture on his broken femur, which recently showed was not healing together at all. The surgeon found extensive infection and a decision was made to remove the hardware previously inserted (replacement hip and femur attachment). Surgeon also placed an antibiotic "bomb" in an attempt to fight the infection. A future assessment will be made to gauge the fight against the infection then he will have another hip replacement as well as new hardware to re-attach the femur bones. He has been hospitalized since May 3rd and obviously much more time to come. Jim does need your prayers and your calls on his cell 281-810-1236. 

Sue Gaines
:(8-16-17nf) We visited with Sue by phone today. She was released from the hospital last Friday and was back to work as a volunteer at Houston Hospice. She was treated with antibiotics while hospitalized which worked this time. This is reoccurring stomach issue with Sue and the next one could require surgery. We are thankful that she is home and doing well, keep her in your daily prayers. (8-8-17 nf) M.D. Beale reports that Sue Gaines was admitted to Kingwood hospital last night with severe stomach pains. She is currently being treated and will be under observation to determine if surgery will be necessary. Lift up your prayers for Sue and her physicians. note: Sunday 8-13-2017 Sue has been discharged and is currently resting at home.

Donna Blount:(8-8-17 nf) Donna underwent knee surgery last Saturday and called Sunday to report that she was at home recovering and hoping for a successful outcome. She was still experiencing some effects of the anesthesia. She will be using a knee walker for the next month as she heals. Remember Donna in your daily prayers.

Joe Chebret:(8-8-17 nf) We visited with Joe by phone this morning and he reports that he is steadily improving with therapy twice a week. He mobile now and uses a walker to get around the facility. Joe's mother remains in hospice and always on his mind. Keep Joe and his mother in your prayers and give him a call at 713-858-0093.
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