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MAY 2018

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MAY 2018

Wiley Douglass:(5-4-18 nf) Jean reports that Wiley was admitted to North Cypress  Hospital, 21214 Hwy 290 for stomach issues and a touch of Pneumonia. Still doing tests and exams to determine treatment path.UPDATE: (5-7-18nf) M.D. Beale reports that Wiley was released from the hospital Saturday and is now at home where he continues to recover. This is evidence that our prayers are working so continue to keep Wiley and Jean in your daily prayers.(5-24-18 nf) Wiley was admitted to North Cypress hospital, 290 &Huffmeister on Wed, 5-23-18 for intestinal/gastric issues. Wife, Jean, reported today that Wiley underwent a procedure this morning, was in recovery doing well and was expected to remain in hospital for a day or two. Continue in prayer for J.Wiley. (5-25-18 nf) Wiley was released from the hospital and is now back at home recovering. Continue to keep Wiley  in your daily prayers.  

 Jimmie Dotson:(5-7-18 nf) Jimmie is at home recovering from recent back surgery and an earlier out patient surgery. He is mending well and hopes for a full recovery. Keep Jimmie in your daily prayers.

 Ernie Mireles:(5-11-18 nf) Dee Leal reports that Ernie underwent heart surgery at St. Lukes, Med Center earlier this week and is recovering. Lift up your prayers for Ernie.

 Fran Montgomery:(5-11-18 nf) Mother of Chaplain Monty Montgomery is recovering at the Chaplain's home after surgery and a battle with life threatening Sepsis. We invite all to pray for her improvement and full recovery. Pray also for her caregivers providing in home care.

 Carrol Lynn:(5-11-18 nf) Doug Bostock visited with Carrol on 5-10-18 and reports that he has a number of ailments that come with old age. Carrol is weak and with exceptions is mostly confined to a wheel chair finding it very difficult to exit and enter a vehicle. Keep Carrol in your daily prayers.

 Jim Hudson:(5-11-18 nf) We visited with Jim by phone this afternoon and he is at home recovering with physical therapy twice a week. Still having trouble walking with knees a problem. He has an appointment with orthopedic on 5-22 for diagnosis. Lift our prayers for Jim for more mobility.

 Jerry Cormier:(5-12-18 nf) E.J. Smith reports that he received a call from Jerry this afternoon who had underwent surgery on 5-9-18 for removal of a portion of his esophagus and repaired it by pulling his stomach up in some fashion. Jerry is in ICU and will be there until Monday if all goes well & then moved to a patient room. Give thanks to God for successful surgery and continue to pray often for his full recovery.Update (5-28-18 nf) E. J. Smith reports that Jerry was released from the hospital and is now at home recovering from surgery. He is able to walk some and regaining his strength knowing he has a long way to go to full recovery. Keep Jerry in your daily prayers.

 Jon Barnes:(5-18-18 nf)  Jon Barnes, a recently retired officer, was shot and wounded this morning at Santa Fe High School. He was wounded in the arm and lost a lot of blood. He is now in an area hospital in critical but stable condition. Jon recently retired out of Juvenile Sex Crimes and was employed by Santa Fe I.S.D. We lift up our prayers for Jon and his family and the families of all those shot and wounded this AM.

  William "Bill" Spaulding:(5-26-18 nf) We visited with Bill's wife, Margaret, today and she reports that they are back in their home after Harvey flood but Bill is now in "in home hospice care" and has memory loss. Not able to take any phone calls. Pray for Bill and his 24/7 caregiver, Margaret as they struggle through these difficult times.NOTE: William passed away on May 31, 2018. Prayers for his family.

 Daniel "D.B." Ramsey:( 5-25-18 nf) Ruth Massey reports that D.B. is an ICU patient at St. Lukes, Med Center recovering from triple bypass surgery. He was admitted there last week and underwent double knee replacement surgery and during his recovery they discovered arterial blockage that required immediate surgery also. He appears to be recovering well but has a long ways to go. Keep D.B. in your daily prayers.



May 2018

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