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  Posted on: Friday, September 1, 2017
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Family Assistance Update
September 2017

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Jim Hudson (9-12-17 rh) – We visited with Jim today by phone and found that he has been moved to La Hacienda Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located at 3730 W. Orem, rm#105. He was moved because his Medicare days had been used.  He said that his wife Randi was told that their cost would be $169 per day, but when she advised them that they had United Health Care as a supplement they would be covered 100%.  Thank God for good insurance coverage.  Jim stated that his infection was apparently under control and that they are scheduled to replace his hip and repair his femur in mid-October.  He still is enduring severe pain. Please keep Jim in your prayers.  He still loves to hear from old friends. His # is 281-610-1236. 

Bonny Montero
Deceased 9-8-2017 (9-7-17 nf)  We visited Bonny this afternoon at St. Lukes. She was to be transported home this evening where she will be under home care until the Lord calls her home. A family member reported that doctors indicated that Bonny's time was short possibly 24-48 hours. Jim's decision was to take her home where she would be medicated to be made comfortable and family could spend time with her. We lift up our prayers for Bonny, Jim, family and loved ones throughout the coming hours & days (9-6-17 db) Bostock visited with Montero family at St Lukes this morning where she is in ICU. All are tired and worn out from hours & days at hospital. Bonny has been through a lot the last few days including a code Blue call. Bonny is hooked up to all types of life saving equipment including the respirator which they will try to wean her off of Thursday AM. THIS IS A SPECIAL REQUEST...That all of us old heads remember Bonny and Jim and that they devoted most of their lives to HPD and she was a trend setter for women police officers at HPD and a friend to any officer looking for help wherever she worked. She and Jim were both outstanding officers and friends to all officers and their whole family turned out to be service oriented between HPD, HFD and military and/or marrying other PD folks. IT IS MY WISH THAT ALL OF OUR MEMBERS WOULD PAUSE FOR A FEW MOMENTS AND SEND UP SOME PRAYERS FOR  BONNY AND JIM AND FAMILY AS THEY REALLY COULD USE YOUR PRAYERS RIGHT NOW!!!   Doug Bostock   (9-6-17 nf) Bonny was admitted to St Lukes Hospital, The Vintage on FM 249 in Willowbrook area on Monday. She fell at home last week but seemed to be alright until this weekend. Jim reports that she was put on a respirator when admitted and that the doctors will try to wean her off of it tomorrow morning. Please lift up your prayers for Bonny and Jim.(9-4-17 nf) Bobby Foster received info from Jim Montero that Bonny fell last Wednesday with no apparent injury requiring medical treatment. However, issues arose this weekend and Jim transported Bonny to St Lukes on FM 249 in Willowbrook area where she is undergoing tests and x-rays and will likely be admitted. Updates will follow. Keep Bonny, Jim and hospital staff in your prayers. 
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