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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup

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Retiree Roundup

Lla Adams:(8-3-18 nf) Surviving spouse of Capt Bobby Adams fell and broke her hip on 7-27-18. She underwent surgery at Houston N.W. Hospital on FM 1960 then rehabbed, recovered and was released on Friday, 8-2-18. She is now at home when she will have in-home therapy under the care of her son and family. Keep Ila in your daily prayers

 Fred Eichholtz:(8-4-18 nf)  Fred was released from the hospital on 8-2-18 and now at home where wife, Judy, is administering antibiotics through IV for the next 10 days to eliminate the bacteria in his system. He is in good spirits & doing better. Continue to pray for Fred.

 Oscar Farrell:(8-4-18 nf) We visited with wife Mary by phone and she reported that Oscar was diagnosed some time ago with Alzheimer and is now in hospice care 3 days a week. He is not eating well & declining some of his meds. Lift Oscar and Mary up in your daily prayers.

 Doug Bostock:  Doug (8-3-18 nf) Doug was admitted to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital last evening with episodes of high blood pressure. We visited with him minutes ago and he advised that he was hooked up to all sorts of sensors and instruments and was waiting to have an MRI. Was in good spirits and taking calls, 281-221-7466, Room ICU 3414.  (8-4-18 nf) Doug was released from the hospital this afternoon and stated the the MRI did not reveal any problems and his blood pressure was under control. They will make an adjustment in his medications. (8-5-18 nf) Doug was released from Willowbrook Methodist yesterday and was readmitted this afternoon with an infection in his arm at a site where the hospital staff had inserted an IV during his earlier stay. He was given additional antibiotics, but has now been released and is home.  Continue to pray for Doug

 Ralph Blount (8-10-18rh) John Harlan notified us that Ralph Blount has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and is undergoing treatment at this time. Please keep Ralph and his family in your prayers and give him a call if you get a chance. His number is listed in the HPROA member directory.  UPDATE: (8-23-18 nf) John Harlan reports that Ralph has finished his 2nd radiation treatment for his stage 3 prostate cancer. Some good news is that a recent bone scan showed no sign of cancer. Continue to lift up your prayers for Ralph.

 Jim Hudson:(8-16-18 nf) Visited with Jim this evening by phone and he reports that he is improving but still not mobile. He is being fitted with a special shoe, one leg shorter than other, to help him when he starts walking, Plans on being at the Sept. meeting. Continue to lift up your prayers for Jim.

 Willie Kovar:(8-16-18 nf) We visited with Kovar by phone today and he reported that he was diagnosed with colon cancer and will undergo surgery next Thursday at St. Joseph hospital in Bryan. He is expected to be hospitalized for 2-3 days and then released to go home. He invites our prayers as he prepares for surgery.  

UPDATE: (8-26-18 nf)  Kovar called Sunday evening and reported that he was released from the hospital and now recovering slowly at home after colon surgery. He stated that that the post op pain is much less so long as he is not moving around too much. His diet will consist of soups and soft foods. Continue to pray for his full recovery.  Give him a call at 979-272-3165

 Bill White:(8-20-18 nf) Earl Jones reports that he visited with Bill at St. Lukes in the Medical Center yesterday as he recovers from a lung transplant. Keep Bill in your daily prayers.

 Danny Furstenfeld:(8-24-18 nf) We visited with Danny earlier and he sent us a text concerning his battle with cancer:" In February he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer). Radiation and chemo treatments have been successful to the point that he was able to receive a stem cell transplant on 8-23-18. He is recovering at home in the loving care and capable hands of his bride of 46 years. Prognosis is good."  He is restricted to his home with no visitors during these treatments. In the meantime. we can pray fervently & often for Danny and his M.D. Anderson caregivers.

 Wiley Douglass: (8-24-2018 nf)   In March 2017, retired Houston Police Sgt.  J. Wiley Douglass suffered a stroke that caused a paralysis of his right side. Wiley has since been hospitalized several times and in and out of rehab facilities. He is now at home with therapy sessions several days a week. Wiley still is restricted to his bed or a wheelchair and therefore transportation becomes an issue to overcome. Visits to doctors or any medical or rehab facility requires planning and much effort for his wife, Jean. who injured her back, in an effort to move him from wheelchair to vehicle. A "Go Fund Me" page was generated    to raise funds to purchase a wheelchair van to allow Wiley and Jean relief from the stress and exertion each time Wiley needs to be transported. We invite you to pray for Wiley  and Jean and contribute to this worthwhile effort. Thanks to all. Jean and Wiley Douglass will be the only ones to have access to this account. The link to make your contribution is

 Lift Chairs: The FAC currently has two good lift chairs in inventory. If you, your spouse or family member are in need of such a chair, we can deliver it to you and make getting out of your chair a whole lot easier for you. 281-351-4669.

Power Chair: The FAC also have an almost new power chair that is designed for a patient with moderate to severe disabilites. If you have someone in your family who may  be able to use such a chair, call us & let's talk.281-351-4669

                                           DEATHS DURING THE MONTH OF

August 2018

 Gerald F. Brown, 8-2-2018

Jack Arthur Miller (Member), 8-3-2018

James H. Haralson (Member) 8-9-3028

George W. Craig, Jr., 8-23-2018

 Kenneth Ray Brumley II Son of member Kenneth Brumley, 8-24-18

 Austin Patrick De la Cruz Grandson of member Alfredo De la Cruz, 8-23-18

 “Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul 

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