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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
June 2018

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Retiree Roundup

Jess Garza:(6-3-18 nf) Dee Leal reports that Retired Sgt. Jess Garza is in a west Houston hospital where they plan to remove life support on Monday, 6-4-18. On that day he passed away.  After his HPD retirement Sgt. Garza was employed by the Harris Co. Sheriff's office. Lift prayers for Jess, his family & loved ones throughout the coming days.

 Charles "Chuck" Smith:(6-3-18 nf) Wilford Kimble reports that last Tuesday, Chuck underwent successful hip replacement surgery at Nix Hospital in San Antonio. He was scheduled to released Saturday but suffered a heart attack Friday. He is now in critical but stable condition and undergoing scans and test for evaluation. (6-9-18) Wilford Kimble reports that Chuck is on a respirator and doctors are unable to determine the damage to his heart due to his weakened condition. Chuck passed away on June 12. Please keep Dot and his family in your prayers.

 Dennis Wiggins (6-3-2018) Dennis wanted to let us know that he had double knee replacement surgery on Thursday 5-17-18, at St. Luke’s, and he was in-patient therapy until June 25. He was having to learn to walk all over again is was so much fun!! Anyway, they told him the surgery was a success and now it’s just a matter of rehabilitation therapy. He just wanted thank his friends.  We join with Dennis praying for a speedy recovery.

 Ernie Mireles (06-05-2018rh) At last months meeting, Dee Leal announced that Ernest “Ernie” Mireles (who makes almost every HPROA meeting) had undergone heart surgery at St. Lukes Hospital.   Anthony Kivela reported he called him today and Ernie advised him that the first of May he was in the hospital for angioplasty, but while undergoing the procedure doctors determined he needed a triple bypass. After surgery and in recovery, he suffered a minor stroke. He is now resting at home and can receive phone calls. His number is (713) 545-4069. Let's keep Ernie in our prayers and wish him a speedy and full recovery. UPDATE: (6-14-18) Ernie was attended our monthly meeting and appeared to be doing well. Prayers are answered.

 Lisa Kennedy: (6-7-2018 rh)  We contacted Chuck Kennedy for an update on his wife Lisa. We previously reported that Lisa was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and had undergone a complete hysterectomy. She has been undergoing chemo therapy will do so for a total of 18 weeks. She has had several treatments delayed due to having a low white cell blood count.  A fund raiser in support of Lisa is planned by her friends on June 10, 2018, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Field Store Community Center, F.M. 362 @ F.M. 1488, Waller, Tx 77484. There will  be BBQ, baked goods, raffle items, a silent auction, t-shirts for sale, and much more. UPDATE: (6-29-18) We checked with Chuck and he reported Lisa was doing much better.  He said they have her white cell count up within range and she will now be able to resume chemo therapy.   He also reported the fund raiser for Lisa was a great success, raising approximately $30,000.  He wanted to thank all their support and prayers.


Jim Hudson:(6-9-18 nf) We visited with Jim by phone and he is excited to begin aqua therapy 2-3 days a week. This will get him out of the house and allow him to regain some strength lost during his long hospitalization period and in home recovery. He is able to walk a few steps with the aid of a walker but still very weak and relies mostly on wheel chair to get around. Continue to keep Jim in your daily prayers.

 Shirley Wood:(6-12-18 nf) Sue Gaines reports that Shirley fell on 3-5-18 and broke her hip. She underwent surgery to repair hip and was in the hospital for about a month and then in rehab. Shirley is 93 or 94 YOA and is now using a walker or a wheelchair. She is living with her son and daughter in law who said Shirley is weajl, not eating well and uses her wheelchair most of the time. Shirley's phone number is 281-376-2787. Give her a call and pray that she might be strengthened and for her full recovery.

 Sue Turbeville:(6-20-18 nf) Sue was admitted to Willowbrook Methodist hospital this evening with heart and kidney issues with  more testing tomorrow. She is resting this evening in Room 6464, phone # 281-737-6464. Lift up your prayers for Sue & Forrest. On 6-23 Forrest reported that Sue is getting better with her heart and kidney issues improving. She is able to walk some with aid. They anticipate her being released from hospital Mon or Tues. Medical staff are looking at rehab options upon release. On 6-27 Sue was released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. Sue is still very weak and Forrest reports that she will begin therapy at home as soon as they show up.  Keep Sue in your prayers



 June 2018

 Walton N. “Pokey” Miller (Member), 6-1-2018

 Jesus R. Garza,  6-4-2018

Charles E. Smith (Member), 6-12-2018

Norberto Ramon, 6-15-2018

 Phil Camus (Member), 6-28-2018

"May your faith be greater than your fear"

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