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  Posted on: Thursday, June 1, 2017
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Family Assistance Update
June 2017

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Jim St.John: (6-21-17 rh) We received information that Jim was ill and was in the hospital. Anthony Kivela contacted his wife Peggy and she told him that Jim had developed a rare blood disorder that was causing his blood to build up to many antibodies and this was causing his blood to become too thick.  A machine was used to draw his blood, warm it, and thin it out. Doctors are still trying to determine the best treatment and medication for him. He was released from the hospital and is now home and able to receive phone calls. We visited with him today he said he is feeling better, but still not a 100 percent.  Please keep Jim in your prayers and give him a call. 936-321-4990.

Jean & J. Wiley Douglass:
(7-21-17 nf) Beale reports that Jean suffered a back injury trying to move Wiley last week and is undergoing back surgery at North Houston Cypress hospital today and that Wiley had to returned to Legion Oaks, Room #315 on  West Rd until Jean recovers. Our daily prayers will help them through these trying times. 

Phil Tippen: 
(6-6-17 nf) We visited with Judy Martin by phone this morning and she had transported Phil to his doctor for the 2nd day in a row being treated for low blood pressure. She reports that his doctors were changing his BP medications and now he is having issues with it crashing on his the last two days. They were giving Phil fluids via an IV at the office as we talked. Judy has a major problem with migraine headaches on a regular basis. Please keep Phil & Judy in your daily prayers.

Forrest & Sue Turbeville: (6-6-17 nf) Forrest recently developed a mild case  of shingles and is now complaining of moderate to severe pain in the abdomen and over his right hip around his ribs. Sue was diagnosed today also with the shingles Both are having some real health issues now and they really need our prayers.

Jim Hudson UPDATE  (6-6-17 nf) We visited with John today by phone and he continues to suffer with some major pain in his mending hip and femur. This is going to be a long term rehab and currently confined to his bed. Is sitting up but that is the extent of it. Keep John in your daily prayers & give him a call at 281-610-1236 (Previous) (6-3-2017 rh)  Jim underwent a hip replacement on May 12.  After being released from the hospital and at home, he fell from his bed and broke the replaced hip and the femur between the hip and knee.  Jim has been in severe pain and currently in the “Forum” at 777 N. Post Oak.  He has been told that he will be there another six to ten weeks.  At this time he can only sit on the side of the bed and cannot put any weight on his legs.  Please keep Jim in your prayers and give him call or pay him a visit.  He would love hear from his old friends.  His number is 281-610-1236.

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