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Associate Member 
  Who can become an Associate Member?
Any person, of good moral character who is sponsor by and recommended by a current member of this association.
  I have a friend who wants to be an Associate Member, what is the process?
Application is obtained from website Application is mailed to HPROA Office Board reviews application (Approves or rejects) Name posted on website Member comments allowed Board Approves or rejects
  Can I see the Applicant' Names?
Yes, After board approval, the applicant's & sponsors name will be displayed in the Menu found in the Members only secure section of the website.
  Now long will application be in the Pending status
"Pending" status appears for one month.
  How do I comment about an applicant?
mail comments to
General Information 
  What is telephone number at the Police Pistol Range?
(281) 230-4005
  What is the Telephone number and address of the HPROA?
HPROA Houston Office
P.O. Box 2288
Houston, Texas
Local: 713-802-2967
Toll Free: 1-866-856-7252
Fax: 713-802-2967 Fax
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-856--7252
E-Mail: info@HPDRetired.Com

  When are the HPROA Meetings?
The Regular meetings are the second Thursday of every month, with the Board Meeting beginning at 9:30 am, and the Business Meeting begins at 9:30 am
  Where does the Association meet?
Knights of Columbus Hall on East Whitney, Houston, TX
  Can I deduct donations to the HPROA, or it's P.A.C ?
No,Donations to the association or it's Political Action Committee are deductable
  My Retirement check does seem correct?
Contact Houston Police Officers Pension System (HPOPS) at 713-869-8734
  Who should I call with an Insurance question?
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Contact Phone Numbers for Retirees (Benefits)

A - F    Maribel Gomez            832.393.6101

G - M    Alicia Solis                  832.393.6102

N - Z    Kemp Lenued              832.393.6103

Email address:

Front Desk:                                832.393.6100

CIGNA at City of Houston

A - F    LaKeith Johnson            832.393.6192

G -L    Maria Rodriguez              832.393.6193

M - R    Ivan Flake                        832.393.6191

S - Z    JoAnn Tillman                  832.393.6194

Dental through City of Houston

            Dwayne Cook                   832.393.6157 

Life Insurance

            Tashell Smith                     832.393.6114

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