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  Posted on: Sunday, September 17, 2017
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Business Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2017

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Business Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2017

Call to Order: President Steve Raynecalled meeting to order at 10:00a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Bill Elkin

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by E. J. Smith, 2nd by Doug Bostock to approve the minutes as printed.  Voice Vote. Motion Carried.

Ron Walker, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Representative for HPROA Liberty Mutual policies.  Direct phone number 832-326-7816, Office 281-320-1181 ext. 59051. Contact Ron for home and auto insurance quotes.

President – Steve Rayne
Nelson Zoch was sworn as Board Position 6 Director at the Board Meeting this morning. 
Whitney Oaks allows us to hold the Board Meeting at their facility.  They wanted to know how many of our members eat lunch with them after our meetings.  They are having financial difficulties and may have to close.  
911 Heroes Run was rescheduled to 8:30am Saturday, November 11, 2017 at City Hall.  HPROA will have a booth and the traveling Memorial Wall of Officers killed in the line of duty. 
Thanked Nominating Chairman Bob Shields and Election Chairman E. J. Smith for their help with the August Board of Directors election.  
HPOPS Seminar is Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 8am-2pm at the Humble Civic Center, 8233Will Clayton Parkway, Humble.  HPROA will have a table at the seminar.
The Burial Fund will hold their quarterly meeting immediately following the October 12th Business Meeting.  Please plan to stay if at all possible.
Beale is in the back with information on the HPROA Long Term Care Insurance Policy underwritten by Trans America.  There have been some changes.

Chaplain Monty Montgomery:
Updated members on the activities of his office and HPD Family Assistance.  He praised the work George Lucero and Jennifer Smesny were doing with the families of deceased officers.   

Executive Director – Bill Elkin:
HPOPS at $4.53 B.  Nineteen have retired as of July 1st, which is a 30-40% decrease from last fiscal year.  
Special Session of the Legislature ended without passing any legislation affecting us.
The Pension Obligation Bonds will be on Houston’s November 7th ballot.  Need to get those bonds approved by the citizens.  Mayor Turner may include a temporary property tax increase to cover Hurricane Harvey damage.  That could have a negative impact on the Pension Obligation Bonds.  
If the Pension Obligation Bonds fail to pass, we will have a wait and see time until March 31, 2018 before the rescinding of benefits cuts can take place.  
Many political functions were cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey.
HPOPS Board Members Terry Bratton and Dwayne Ready are up for reelection.  After meeting withBratton and Ready the Board voted to endorse both candidates for reelection.   HPROA members represent a significant voting block. 
Letters of appreciation were received the families of Dave Hagler, Daniel Fike, Michael Trautwein, Sharon Matthews, Steve Copeland and Randall Cook. 

Treasurer Report – Ed Aldridge:  
HPROA has a total of $224,316in the bank. 

Retired Badge – Nelson Zoch
Working on the October-November issue.  Please submit articles by Sunday, September 17th or Monday the 18th.
Always looking for new articles and anyone may submit an article.

Membership Committee –  Roy McDonald
1,768 membersas of September 12, 2017.  
Seven (7) new members were approved today
Please contact dropped members that are on the report.  
Members may renew memberships with a credit card or make changes at any meeting.

Website Committee – Jim Ashby
Do not use the free Russian spyware Kapreski.
Credit Reporting Agency Equifax was hacked and personal information stolen.  You can go to Equifax Security to check if your information was stolen.
Cannot escape credit card reporting agencies Experian, Equifax and TransUnion but for a small fee you can have your credit “Frozen”.  That will ensure no new credit accounts may be opened.  For another small fee you may “Release” your credit if you decide to get a new card.
Contact Jim if you know anyone who would like to place an advertisement on the HPROA Website.  It is only $20 per month.
Contact Jim if you need the User Name and Password to the HPROA Membership Directory website.  
Super Bowl Pot has started.  $50 per square, all money will be given to the winners.

Family Assistance Committee –Nelson Foehner
Requested names of our members who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.
HPROA has all types of medical equipment available.
Attended the funeral service for Jim Flagg.
Please contact members of the FAC with any needs or concerns:
Nelson Foehner (281) 351-4669 Doug Bostock(281) 890-7610
Forrest Turbeville (713) 319-5466 Ray Smith (281) 731-1588
Ron Headley     (713) 253-5749 Pat Kainer   (281) 642-6645

Entertainment Committee – 
The Hill Country Reunion in Fredericksburg will be Saturday, October 28, 2017 at Lady Bird RV Park in thePioneer Pavilion.  Make your hotel and RV reservations early.  Remember to bring your silent auction items to the September meeting or to Fredericksburg.  

PAC Committee – Bob Barnard
$70,488 total PAC assets.
Received $2,785 in contributions.
Paid Reimbursements and Administration fees.

Dee Leal:
Aspecial thanks to all the retirees that helped at the HPOU during Hurricane Harvey. If you volunteered and did not sign in please contact Dee at 832-605-3645 so your name can be added to the HPOU list of volunteers.
Everyone is invited to the Senior and Veteran Expo on Monday, October 16, 2017 from 10am-2pm at the Bayou City Center 9401 Knight Road, Houston.   It is a free event with door prizes, lunch, music, food, etc.  If you served in the U.S. Military please contact Dee so you can be recognized at the event.  Keynote speaker will be Active Shooter J.R. Boatman.  MUST RSVP to Dee Leal at 832-605-3645 or

Steve Benavides:
Veteran of Foreign Wars will sponsor a MIA Recognition Day, September 15, 2017 at 11:00am in front of City Hall.

Door Prizes: 
o $25 George Lucero
o $25 Bill Elkin
o $25 Bill Flowers
o $25 D. A. Miller

101 Members in attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

Sue Gaines
Board Secretary
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