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  Posted on: Sunday, October 1, 2017
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Family Assistance Update
October 2017

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Albert "A.J." Nichols (10-14-17 db) A.J.has been diagnosed to have a tumor on one of his kidneys and  is scheduled to be admitted to Memorial Herman -Woodlands on Tuesday, 10-17-17  to have it removed. A.J.  asked for our prayers for he, his family and surgical team and for successful surgery.

W.J. Spaulding:(10-14-17 db) Hank Laird reported to Bostock that Spaulding's home was flooded during Harvey and he is now in an apartment until his home is repaired. If anyone might have contact with him, please ask him to contact Bostock at 281-221-7466 or any member of the FAC team.

Delia Delano:(10-14-17 db) Hank Laird also reported that the surviving spouse of Richard Delano, Delia, was also flooded out and is now under the care of a daughter, retired HPD and a son , a deputy with HCSO.

We continue to have many of our members out of their homes due to the flood and struggling with FEMA and insurance and major stressful day to day issues. Lift up your prayers for all of our Harvey flood victims.

Phil Camus:(10-14-17 nf) Phil is scheduled for surgery at Methodist Med Center on Wed. 10-18-17.  A recent episode of double vision and subsequent tests has revealed that a bone in his neck is pressing against his carotid artery on the right side restricting the blood flow. Surgeons state that surgery is an hour and a half and he will overnight in the hospital and released the next day. Keep Phil and surgical staff in your prayers.  

Phyllis Hensen:10-8-17 nf) Update Platelet donations  for Phyllis have to be made at one of the three M.D. Anderson blood donation centers or catch a MDA blood drive in your area. Donations can be made at 2555 Holly Hall 7 days a week from 10AM to 5PM. You can walk in or call 713-792-7777 to schedule an appointment. The main hospital at 1515 Holcombe, 2nd floor or 1220 Holcome, 2nd floor will also work during the week.
Phyliss is also now in need of whole blood. Please make a donation if you are able. She is in urgent need and your donation could help save her life. Keep her in your prayers.

Doug Bostock
:(10-1-17 nf) Doug has completed his 5 day IV infusion treatment for his disorder on Friday, 9-29-17 without any significant side effects. Hopefully, remission will follow. Any further treatment would be determined by followup visits with his doctors. Continue to pray for Doug's full remission and recovery.

Jim Hudson
:(10-1-17 nf) We visited with Jim this evening by phone. He will have an appointment with Infectious Disease doctors in a week who will determine if his wounds are clear of any infection. An all clear is needed for him to have surgery on Oct. 18th to replace and repair hip and broken femur. He continues to be in major pain and needs our continued daily prayers.

J. Wiley Douglass
:(10-1-17 nf) We visited with wife Jean by phone and she reports that Wiley is now at home under her care, recovering from a stroke, with visits by nurses and therapists each week. He is taking calls. Wiley has been isolated for months without a phone available and getting a call from an old friend or partner would really be uplifting now so pick up your phone and give him a brief call at 281-782-3009.
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