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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
September 14, 2017


In the near future two of the trustees positions on the HPOPS Board of Directors will be up for election. During our HPROA board meeting today, two of the trustees, currently serving on the HPOPS board, came to our meeting to ask our help in being reelected to their board positions. Terry Bratton is running for reelection to his retired officer position and Dwayne Ready is running for reelection to his active officer position. They both feel that our pension struggles are not over and the continuity of this group of board members is important. Several of your HPROA board members worked closely with the HPOPS board during the past legislative session. We have seen, and know, how much work and time these two pension board members put in to get our pension legislation passed in the state legislature.

Your HPROA Board of Directors voted today to endorse and support the reelection of TERRY BRATTON and DWAYNE READY.

Every member has the right to vote for whomever they feel is the best candidate. However, we encourage you to vote for Terry Bratton and Dwayne Ready.

 Steve Rayne
HPROA - President