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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
October 2018

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Retiree Roundup
October 2018

Danny Furstenfeld:(10-5-18 nf) We visited with Danny earlier this week and he reports that he is in recovery mode from his stem cell treatment, weak but gaining strength each day now walking 2 miles daily  & looking forward to getting back in his boat and fishing. Lift up your prayers for Danny and his medical team. 

Sue Turbeville;(10-5-18 nf) Sue continues to rehab at Grace Center on Northpointe, Tomball, where she daily has therapy to gain leg strength. She does require oxygen assist 24/7 but her overall condition appears to improve daily. Continue to pray for Sue & Forrest. 

Pat McMenemy:(10-5-18 nf) We visited with Guy and Pat on Thursday after Pat was released from the rehab center and now at home recovering and will receive in home therapy. She is walking carefully with the aid of a walker and glad to be home under the able care of her husband. Continue to pray for her continued improvement. 

Ray Smith: (10-10-18 nf) We visited with Ray earlier today by phone and he reports that he was hospitalized last Thursday and underwent an appendectomy Friday AM.  What would normally be a 30 minute surgery turned into a 3 hours.  His appendix was not in it's normal position and other issues complicated matters. He came through it and was released from the hospital Tuesday and now at home recovering. Prayers please for Ray.   (10-26-18 nf) We visited with Ray earlier this week and he is mending well and expects to be fully active with a week or two. Prayers of thanks for speedy recovery   

Doug Bostock: (10-25-18 nf) Doug was admitted to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital this evening for tests after becoming disoriented. He was resting well in Room 3220 for observation and more tests Friday. Lift up your prayers for Doug and quick recovery.  (10-28-18 nf) Doug called to report that he was being released from Willowbrook Methodist this afternoon. Tests revealed that he had suffered a minor stroke with little if any after effects. They also made changes to his current medications. Thanks and praise to God for Doug's good outcome and recovery.   

Sue Turbeville: (10-24-18 nf) Forrest reports that Sue was re-admitted to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital on Tuesday evening after complaining of weakness and nausea. Tests then revealed a loss of blood after which she received 3 pints. More tests are scheduled Sue is in Room 7461, 281-737-7761. Please keep Sue in your prayers. (10-28-18 nf) Forrest reports that Sue continues to be hospitalized at Willowbrook Methodist for tests and examinations without any diagnosis at this point as to her loss of blood.Continue to lift up your prayers for Sue and Forrest.  

Don Page:(10-24-18 nf) Jim Montero reports that he spoke to Don's wife yesterday who advised him that Don is in hospice care at home. Don is unresponsive, not eating and is sleeping most of the time. He passed away on October 28. 

Lisa Kennedy: (10-31-18rh) We visited with Chuck Kennedy regarding how his wife Lisa was doing after her treatments for cancer.  He said that she completed her chemo treatments back in August, is back to work, and doing great.  He wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support.   


 October 2018

 Lottie Clark, wife of deceased Assistant Chief Joe Clark, October 2, 2018

Billy Clyde Chaviers, October 19, 2018

Ms. Betty Dement, mother of member D'ann Kusak, October 21, 2018

Margaret M. Kilty, Mother of Sgt. Mark Kilty and Officer James F. Kilty who was killed in the line of duty (on April 8, 1976), October 21, 2018.

Don A. Page, October 26, 2018.

Aranthan Jones, October 23, 2018,

Lou Eloy Addis, mother of Vickie Rayne, mother-in-law of Steve Rayne, October 29, 2018

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never ever loses faith in God”

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