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  Posted on: Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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Family Assistance Update
July 2018

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Doug Bostock:(8-3-18 nf) Doug was admitted to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital last evening with episodes of high blood pressure. We visited with him minutes ago and he advised that he was hooked up to all sorts of sensors and instruments and was waiting to have an MRI. Was in good spirits and taking calls, 281-221-7466, Room ICU 3414.
Keep Doug in your prayers.

Lla Adams:(8-3-18 nf) Surviving spouse of Capt Bobby Adams fell and broke her hip on 7-27-18. She underwent surgery at Houston N.W. Hospital on FM 1960 then rehabbed and recovered and released on Friday, 8-2-18. She is now at home where she will have in home therapy and under the care of her son and family. Keep Ila in your daily prayers

Fred Eicholtz: UPDATE (7-30-18 pk) We talked with Judy Eichholtz earlier today and she said they have identified the bacteria that had gone to the blood stream in Fred.  She said they are now treating him with the correct antibiotics and they hope to possibly release him from St. Lukes on Wednesday.  Pat           (7-27-18 pk) I just received a text message from Judy Eichholtz that Fred was at Memorial Hermann hospital earlier with a bad UTI and kidney stones last week and the UTI has returned with a vengeance.  He is currently at St Lukes downtown.  No oral antibiotics available to treat this type bacteria. When he gets to go home Judy will probably have to administer an IV.  They are currently administering IV antibiotics at the hospital and depending on how well they work will determine when he is able to go home.

Jack Miller: Deceased(7-24-18 nf) We received a call from Jack's wife, Pam, and she reports that Jack's health is declining rapidly. He is eating or drinking little, if any. He is now under home hospice care and his time is short possibly two - three weeks. Pam invites all to pray for Jack that God would bring him peace and comfort in the days ahead. 

LaJean "Jean" Baker:(7-21-18 nf) Jesse Baker reports that his wife, Jean , fell down a flight of stairs in a friends house 40 miles out of Branson, Missouri. At Branson hospital they stabilized her and put brace on left arm broken in 3 places, right shoulder damaged after recent rotator cuff surgery. Moved to Springfield hospital diagnosed with blood clot between brain and skull. Allowed to bring her home but Jean fell again in Bryan and was taken to St. Joseph there for a few days and then moved to hospital in Madisonville. She is now at home recovering awaiting scheduled test &  arm surgery. Jean can walk, is alert and all parts are working except the arms. Both are stressed out and they are asking for everyone to pray for them as they go forward.

Michele Schriebe:(7-21-18 nf) Jim Montero reports that Shellyt was released from hospital and is now at home recovering. Keep Shelly and Gary in your prayers

Gilbert Schultz:(8-20-18 nf) Gilbert visited with Doug Bostock on 8-19-18 and reported that he was still in fair health, still mobile, driving some and maintaining his 10 acres out of Iola. He is also taking care of  his wife who is in declining health. Keep
Gilbert, his wife and family in your daily prayers.

Michele & Gary Scheibe:(8-19-18 nf) Jim Montero reported to Bostock that Michele, Jim's stepdaughter, was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital, Woodlands, with severe stomach pains. Examinations and tests to this point are inconclusive as to the cause however doctors feel that stress may be a factor since Michele lost her daughter, Bonnie Richards, 37, unexpectedly last Friday, 8-13-18 with plans and preparations being made for a memorial service. Lift up your prayers for Michele and Gary for healing of her physical illness and as they mourn the loss of their beloved, Bonnie. 

Robert E. Brumley:Deceased 7-21-2018 (7-12-18 nf) We visited with Bob's wife, Sarah, and she reports that Bob has suffered with Parkinson's disease for some time but until last Friday, he was still walking some but since then he has been bedridden and is now in hospice care, will not take food or water and  in declining health. Please lift up prayers for Bob/Sarah

Jerry Cormier:(7-3-18 rh) Earlier in this year Jerry was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  In May he underwent surgery  for removal of a portion of his esophagus.  It was repaired by pulling his stomach up in some fashion. The surgery was a success and he has been at home recovering.  Today we visited with Jerry by phone and found he was doing great.  The feeding tube he had was recently removed and he is now on a regular diet with limitations.  He expects to be fully recovered in the near future.  Prayers are answered. 

R.C Horn (7-9-18 db) Received a call from R.C.Horn this date and learned that he is still up in ARK. and just turned 80yrs old and doing pretty good.  Still rides his motorcycle when weather permits and still likes to travel. Will be coming to Houston next month to visit family. He has given up raising wolves. We covered a good bit of the old days and had some good laughs and memories.
Reminds me to call some of my old partners. How about some of y'all out there, catching   up with some of your old partners who are out of town or state, and catch them up on local goings on and then let us know how they are doing.

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